Marousaki, a fairy tale garden

A little outside the commercial center of Maroussi, a northern suburb, there is a garden that looks just like it has been taken out of a fairy tale and everything slows down and feels more calm. The combination of the tiles, the lush green, the wooden tables, and the absence of the city noise make sure you forget yourself for a little.

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There is an air blowing in from the south of France, evident from the very French looking decoration. A large wooden piece of furniture that stands alone in the center of the room contributes greatly with its dominant presence, along with the floral curtains that are tied back with a romantic ribbon lining the cottage-like windows. The garden is not an interior coutryard, nor an uncovered area between buildings but rather a garden in all its glory with an olive tree in the middle lending us its shade along with all the other plants on sunny days. The food is very well taken care of, made with top quality ingredient and alot of love.
The cuisine is an interesting mix between French, Italian and Middle Eastern aromas all with a Greek twist and an emphasis on the use of Greek POD products. As for the menu you will find imaginative salads, vegetarian and meat pastas, refined meze, and filling main course dishes (fish, red meat, and white). The recipes may vary from tabouli and yogurt sauce with lamb to chicken filet in mastic sauce and grilled sea bream. Dessert to satisfy both the chocolate lovers out there and those looking for lighter creamier tastes. Our general impression is that they have made an honest effort to maintain excellent quality, yet there are various things that indicate an over-exaggeration and zeal that sometimes overtake the actual tastes. There is a wine list uniquely organized in terms of geography. Maria Skopeliti had a goal: to find the right space to house her dream of owning a restaurant. Even if a gymnast by profession her interest in taste and cooking led her down another path and the moment she found the garden which is now Marousaki she lost no time! Maria personally chose each piece of decoration and step by step added pieces here and there as time went on, which resulted in it taking longer than necessary to create; though it has given her the satisfaction to say that it is purely her own creation.
She began experimenting with french tastes though experience has taught her that many clients prefer the simpler Greek tastes that they are more familiar with and are less costly. Marousaki has the ability to host both private dinners, personal celebrations, company dinners and events.


Address: Panagi Tsaldari 8, Maroussi
Telephone: 2106127100

Price per person: €25/person

Opening Hours:
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday 20:00-0030
Sunday 13:00-00:30

Price per person: €25/person


Mediterranean Salad with fresh and grilled vegetables, garnished with manouri and red pepper vinagrette. Summer salad with french greens, lola and black-eyed beans dressed with lemon and curry. Zuchinni crepe with Kaseri from Mitillini and dill. Mille-feuille with lemon and spearmint cream

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