Kouvelos (Taverna tou Kouvelou), carefully tamed and island-like

In a neighborhood of Athens, not often visited by tourists, but very Greek and homey you will find Kouvelos. A simple beautiful, white washed courtyard to enjoy on a hot summer night.

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Most of the gardens we have visited are age-old taverns serving classic Greek food and run by family members. Kouvelos is different. Though at a first glance it seems time-less, it is actually a place that recently achieved the well-rounded experience for its diners it offers today. Much emphasis is given on the service, successfully might we add, and all the dishes are beautifully presented; though if we wish to be really strict, they are almost all lacking that small push further to make them exceptional. The environment is definitely above average and refreshing and it attracts a down to earth crowd seeking something different. There is a great variety to choose from. Chef Ilias goes to the market on a daily basis to buy the ingredients which he makes sure are of the best quality and generally locally grown. They have fish on the menu depending on what they find each day at the fish monger’s which means you will only find fresh fish. They have three varieties of white house wine, one of which is organically grown, and 2 varieties of red; all from Greek vineyards. The plates all have a twist to them. They have taken classic Greek cuisine and twisted them to make signature recipes that may or may not be successful. you meet Ilias you see a somewhat rough young face, that communicates hardship while at the same time a creative flair. His life in the restaurant business started from a very young age when he moved to Canada to live with his uncle, who was also a Chef; the journey seems to have been long and bumpy until he actually managed to learn the craft and find his way within the rugged restaurant business terrain. Now 9 years after taking over Kouvelos, which was a really old tavern very close to the Acropolis, he has managed to find his own line and generate his own customers. He has also opened a new place in Petralona called Lolita, which is a meze place with a more relaxed atmosphere. It was clear that the things Ilias focuses on hard work, respect towards his customers and close attention to the food.


Address: Gennaiou Kolokotroni 66, Koukaki      MAP
Telephone: +30 210 9221183

Price per person: €25-30€

Opening Hours:
Weekdays only evenings
Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner
Monday closed



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