Traditional cheese products from Naxos island (Naxos Creamery)

A little outside the centre of Athens in a northern suburb, Halandri, you will find this gem of a place with produce from eclectic farms on the Cycladic island of Naxos; their expertise is cheese made traditionally with recipes passed on from generation to generation.

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Momentarily transport yourself to another point in time when people would go to specific farms to stock up on specific goods. In this delicatessen you will find most amazing Greek cheeses from the Cycladic Island of Naxos, butter and milk from the same local farm, and meat from free roaming animals.The quality of the cheese at the Naxos Creamery/Deli puts Greek cheese on equal ground with foreign cheeses. They not only think about taste but have responded to modern day needs; you will find square cheese for sandwiches and low fat cheese for those worried about their weight, we encourage you to choose these alternatives rather than the commercially produced ones!Cheese making used to be the solitary job of a shepherd who lived up in the hills tending to the animals who went down to the village to sell his milk and cheese once a week. The story of this creamery starts this way as well, yet along with the skill that was passed on to the younger generation came change. The current owner and head of family, Emmanuel Koufopoulos, with his natrual tendency towards mechanics managed to combine the traditional art of cheese making with modern day technology to create the Naxos Creamery. His success is not only measurable by taste but also by the fact that he exports to various countries, including Germany, Cyprus and America. It was made clear though that whatever the intentions of expansion and modern day technological development, the most important ingredient of all is love and knowledge of the cheese making tradition.


Address: Ethnikis Antistaseos 18, Halandri

Telephone: +30 210 68 37 758

Price per person: Milk €1,30 Butter €9,00/Kg Graviera €10/Kg- €17/Kg Sandwich Cheese €13,50/Kg- €15,50/Kg

Opening Hours: Monday -Wednesday 9am- 5pm
Tuesday- Thursday 9am- 9pm
Saturday 9am- 6pm
Sunday Closed


Definitely try the 5-year aged Graviera.
Try the milk, you do not find such pure milk anymore.

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