Takis Bakery: The most famousThessaloniki koulouri is in Acropolis

Artemis, which is your favorite bread andwhat would you accompany it with?
“I have favorite breads for different times of the day; for breakfast I eat our rye bread with honey, I eat the campagne baguette for a snack with good olive oil, and if I want to sit at the television and nibble I would choose our country bread.”

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It will probably be the smell that first adverts you that you are a few meters away

from the bakery; in the early morning it will be bread baking, by late morning it will be the sweet smell
of tsoureki, and by noon it will be cookie time. With over 30 different types of bread, a constantly full display
and cosy interior Takis is a gift to those in the neighborhood but also a destination point for those
in search of tasty options.

The variety of things on offer is impressive. You will find unique sandwiches, particular
cookies and cakes intertwined with the more traditional Greek options. If you go in the morning you
will find full shelves and basket, show casing it all in a delicious way. The most exciting corner is the one
on your left as you go to the counter. Make sure to take a careful look every time you go, because that
is where change takes place and things certainly can surprise you! The recipes are both traditional and
imported (where needed), as is the flour; partially Greek and partially imported from France and Germany.
All the baked goods are finished by hand; each loaf and cookie of unique shape and appearance
to prove it.
Price per person: country bread €80/500g dinkel €2,90/kg

Takis Bakery has been around since the ‘70s. After working for years in a “koulouri”
shop in Thessaloniki and refining his skills, Artemi’s and Theodori’s Grandfather decided to move to
Athens to show Athenians what a good koulouri was like. Unlike the one Athenians were used to, which
was soft and bread like, the one from the North was more hard and thin and the family was initially
confronted with suspicion. Slowly though they gained the confidence of their customers and not long
after decided to start bread baking. Takis Bakery is a strictly family affair with staff members who have
become part of the family with the passage of time. Of course they are also open to creating new family
members and experimenting with new things, so have now been joined by “the baker girl”, a young
woman practicing the art of baking and experimenting with new creations. Artemis, the running manager,
told us that there are two ways of living; you either work to make money to pursue your passion or
you simply pursue your passion. They are in the latter half.

Address: 14 Misaraliotou St., Akropoli
Telephone: 210 9230052

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 7am to 8:30pm
Sat 7am to 4pm
Sunday closed


Suggestions: Bread: the Rye bread, the rustic country bread that you can buy by the piece with the big
T on it, the baguette campagne is delicious both in whole wheat and white, and try their new french
baguette (which we heard is irresistible to nibble on while still in the store!)
Chocolate filled koulouri is one of our favorites
From the sandwiches try the more original apple/tahini/honey and also the red pepper and chorizo

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