Lunch @ work from La Boulangerie

Elianna, why La Boulangerie?
"I like the food, I love the people and most of all I love the colourful retro Volksvagen Beetle Van that you can sit in to have your lunch!"

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La Boulangerie is a little food corner down a secret alley in the midst of an area that is part residential part office buildings. Its beauty lies in the fact that one can eat home-made lunch during a busy office day. Not-massed produced, carefully cooked with lots of love, it is honestly the best alternative to your own home-cooked lunch!
You can eat in for a break from the dry office environment, or get the food delivered right at your door;  which ever experience you choose you will be pleasantly surprised by the detail. The food is home-made, and just as all home-made dishes go it is made to the taste of their home. This means that at times, the food is not exactly how you may want it; but the fact that the cook feeds her young family with this reassures us that no matter what the taste, the quality is great. The food rotates every day: with 3 different main course dishes and 2 different salads to chose from. Look out for burger and quesadilla Fridays; fast food in all its healthy glory! La Boulangerie is a combination of the love Athina had for cooking and Andoni who saw that Halandri, a thriving office community, lacked a good quality food corner. It grew slowly, always responding to its customers needs, and listening to the constructive criticism they have to give. Athina is now in charge of the show, beginning her day in the kitchen, passing it behind the bar serving her customers and ends it spending time with their young children. La Boulangerie has become an active part of their life, and they have created an almost village-like feeling on this hidden alley in Halandri.


Address: Spirou Merkouri 3 and Kifisias Av.

Telephone: +30 210 68 19 373

Price per person: Main Course: €6,50 - €9,00 Salads: €6 Sandwiches: €1,20- €2,40

Opening Hours: Weekdays Only: 9am- 4:30pm


Elianna recommends: the chicken soup, the salads and the quiches
The cook Athina has her own specialties, she makes various types of lasagna, and canelloni fillings.

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