Best Restaurants in the island of Sifnos

Nikolaos Tselementes (1878-1958) was the chef who codified Greek traditional cuisine, by publishing one of the first and best known Greek cooking books in 1910. Preserving the tradition that Tselementes started, Sifnos and Tinos are two Cycladic islands where one can enjoy great meals at the majority of the restaurants.

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Having spent every summer since 1970 on the island of Sifnos, I have naturally certainly developed preferences for local fare. Here they are:


Giorgos Lempesis Tavern (Tel +30 22840 71295) is located at Apokofto of Chrysopigi, by the sea and amidst almyrikia trees. One will find a great variety of appetizers and the traditional Sifnos dishes, mastelo and rovythia. For many Lempesis is considered to be the new Tselementes.


To Tsikali (Tel +30 22840 71150) in the coastal village of Vathi, stands by the church with tables set on the sand. Try the incredible stuffed tomatoes and the pancetta. Start with a cold glass of draft beer served in a chilled glass.


For some fish: Captain Andreas in Kamares (Tel +30 22840 32356) serves fresh fish and lobster. You should reserve a table before-hand, as well as your fish, particularly in August.



Drakaki’s Coffee & Meze shop in Apolonia: This meze shop seems to be one of the hottest places to try this year. Drakakii’s coffee shop was one of the oldest remaining traditional coffee shops in Apolonias main street. Under new managment the coffee shop added various Greek meze to its offerings. Everybody tells us that this is the place to try this year. No reservations accepted. Tel +30.22840.31.233



At Maria Lebesis’ restaurant in Kastro (Tel +30 22840 31476) one can enjoy a fabulous sunset. Sweet Maria Lebesi, together with Vasilis who is always pleasant and cheerful, prepares traditional Sifnos recipes, passed on to her by her mother. My favorites are the revythokeftedes and the meatballs, which unfortunately finish far too quickly. 


Have a drink: In Kastro at Banana's bar. The "alternative" bar of the island. Viva Che !


And because there is no Greek island without an Italian restaurant, one should try Mamma Mia (Tel +30 22840 33086) at Apollonia and Platy Gialo. Chef Filippo and his son prepare the best pizzas in the country (and I mean it!). Start with the braseola with a squeeze of lemon and continue with some pasta. I have many friends who visit Sifnos just to enjoy a dinner at Mamma Mia! 


To enjoy desserts and loukoumades (fried Greek dough balls with honey and cinnamon), go up the alley in Apollonia to the Three Angels. Tip: Get a table on the street; it is the best spot if one wants to be updated about the island news and the “new arrivals”. 


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