Chocolate Therapy

Rich and uniquely revitalizing, chocolate has the ability to rejuvenate both body and soul. Read the recipe below and grant yourself a gift of luxury unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before...

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The vitamins, minerals, and metals present within chocolate render the substance deeply nourishing to the skin. Stimulating while simultaneously relaxing all of our five senses, this chocolate body-face mask will hydrate and detox your skin, leaving your skin shiny, smooth, fresh, and soft. You will find this recipe to not only be mentally invigorating, but also figuratively invigorating- resulting literally in firm skin. Furthermore, chocolate has both anti-depressant and calming qualities.

You will find that this recipe does marvels for each of your senses. First, with the contact of hot chocolate on the skin, your sense of touch will experience a sense of care and pampering. Then, as chocolate aroma fills the room, stimulating the brain’s central nervous system with the powerful smells, your sense of smell will revive childhood memories. Consequently, you will feel secure and safe. Brown, the color of chocolate, is believed to relax the body, while increasing levels of energy and self-esteem. Meanwhile, your hearing should be inundated with the soft music that always accompanies chocolate therapy. A cup of steaming chocolate awaits your completion of the therapy, the taste of which will fulfill the sense of deprivation that the remedy brings about.

1) So as to stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance the effects of the therapy, begin with two glasses of cool mineral water.
2) Play relaxing music with sounds from the sea or the forest or whatever allows you to deeply relax.

3) Lie down on a large nylon sheet. Adjust the room temperature so that your body is warm and you can totally relax.
4) PEALING- Mix the following ingredients together:
5  table spoons of cocoa butter 
3  table spoons of sugar
2  table spoons of fresh lemon juice
5) Massage the peal all over your skin until it turns slightly red. 

6) Remove mixture with warm wet towels.
7) MASK- Combine the following ingredients, melting the cooking chocolate in a bain marie and adding the buttermilk and olive oil. Mix well.

7  large bars of cooking chocolate
3  table spoons of olive oil
7  table spoons of buttermilk  
8) While still warm, spread the mixture smoothly over your skin.

9) Wrap the nylon sheet and relax for 20 minutes, allowing the chocolate mask to act therapeutically on your skin! 

9) Rinse off with a warm shower without using soap. A thin, hydrating film remains on the skin leaving it soft as velvet, shining brilliantly and smelling elusively of chocolate.
10) Now you can relax and enjoy a delightful cup of hot chocolate!
Note: Doses can be doubled, tripled, or reduced, depending on the area to be treated…

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