Before Midnight: A Truly Romantic film, set in Greece

 "Before Midnight"  a sequel to the hits "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset." was  lensed under the sunny  Messinia, Peloponnese.

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"Before Midnight" is a  wonderful closing of Richard Linklater's trilogy and a very touching one as well. Every day I find myself reading from Facebook posts to books, articles or scientific studies on what relationships are really all about and suddenly I see this movie and everything falls in place. It's all about how talking is the essential part of a relationship. How a couple can go from bitter, hateful fighting to tender conversation back to fighting in the space of minutes. And how progressing love ties the knot to all of the above.

All the cast was in Greece for the opening, staying at  Costa Navarino, the luxurious seaside hotel of the Mani area.
" I visited Greece in May of last year; I was on my way to a few other countries to look around. Two days in Greece convinced me to cancel the rest of the trip. It just seemed perfect; we had already found four of our major locations that would play in the movie, and it was very welcoming." the director said.
When I saw the driving scene through the austerely beautiful rocky hillsides of Messinia, I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I found the film  to be an ode to late Patrick Leigh Fermor, the great philhellene English writer, whose bucolic country villa in Mani was also used as a film setting.

Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater, and Julie Delpy actually had a AMA chat with all the fans of the film and they even shot a video so that people  will be convinced it was them. In the video they look so happy to be in Greece; they are really glowing. They ended the chat by saying " The sun is setting over the Mediterranean, so we are going to sign out and go for a swim. It's a shitty life, but somebody's gotta live it. Thank you all so much."


This film will make you decide that your next vacations should be in Messiniaki Mani and the village of Kardamili.

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