Vezene for a Special Dinner with a View

Elianna, why Vezene?:
"Not only was the food amazing but it has a wonderful view of Lycabettus without being on the top floor...and the interior decoration has been "hand-made" by Ari (the owner/chef) who is far from a professional interior designer!"

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At Vezene the atmosphere is casual but totally put together, the design simple and classy. The menu is an extensive exhibit of Aris' taste and the decoration all of his making. An admirable and worthy effort apparent from the beginning to the end of your meal. Encountering fear in the process of creation is natural, not many surpass it to create true to their personal philosophy but Aris has done so. The food is heavy, but made with great attention to detail. Aris uses ingredients of the highest quality and every plate has been thought through to create an all-rounded and clear taste. The menu though somewhat confusing as it brings various recipes and cultures close, has a certain consistency to it in that each plate reflects Aris' precise culinary opinions. Select various plates you want to try from the menu and share them!We have repeated the name of the owner of Vezene over and over again throughout this review, not because we have a particular reason to do so, but because this restaurant is so tied to its owner that it is difficult to talk about it without talking about him. Also the owner of Trattoria Vezene on his homeland of Meganisi in the Ionian Sea, Aris explains that his plan to open a restaurant in Athens began before he opened the restaurant on Meganisi, he had chosen the spot and just waited the years it took to free up! Through conversation with him it becomes immediately apparent that though he has a huge love of food and service that he also uses his knowledge on how and why people eat to achieve success. He aspires to having a restaurant that does just thrive for a moment in time, but one that has deep food culture, the ability to educate his customers' palettes and can be used as a column for other ventures in the future. The message is: whoever or wherever you are feeding people, always remain true to your philosophy and dare to show them who you are.


Address: Vrasida 11, Hilton District, Athens

Telephone: +30 210 7232002

Price per person: €40-€50 (pricey, but worth every penny)

Opening Hours: 7pm- 2am


Elianna Loves: The home-made chips with truffle oil and Parmesan.
We recommend: The mini burgers, the Kobe beef tartar and the HUGE deal closer dessert that you must share with others.

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