Rincon Mexicano, home-made mexican food by Mrs. Ines

Señora Ines, apart from great prices for good and authentic food, how do you deal with the crisis? “We try to organize nights with festive Latin music because we believe music is a great antidote for gloomy situations. “

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If you have ever traveled to central America you will immediately feel transported by the authentic atmosphere at Rincon Mexicano. Not only is the food true to the original tastes but it is a place where people learning about Spanish and Latin American culture and the Athenian Latin community congregate. So whether you are curious to try Mexican food or practice your Spanish, you must go. It is perfect for a casual homey dinner during the week or for a group celebration. The decoration is strictly Mexican and the colors warm and full just as you would expect. The crowd is young but interspersed with an older generation that combined create a modest and natural air. The food is MEXICAN, not junk food mexican, not Americanized mexican and not mexican looking; it is just as it is made at home in Mexico. The ingredients are imported directly from Mexico and the result is filling and tasteful! The plates are not presented in any special way as the main focus is the taste and not the appearance. The menu does not go without the traditional Mole Poblano a cooked meat dish with a dark sauce made from a special paste that includes chocolate that gives it a sweet taste and nuts that make it quite rich, tamales de Elote banana leaves stuffed with a corn flour mash and chicken, and burritos both vegetarian and meat. It happens a lot, foreign women succumb to the charm of Greek men. They end up in Greece, have families, and then whether they fall out of love with the men or not, over time fall permanently in love with the country. Indeed this is an oversimplified version of a real life story but as all generalizations go it has a good portion of truth in it. Ines, the owner of Rincon Mexicano can attest to it. After having lived in Greece for 20 years, raised a son and learnt how to cook Greek food for her family, she slowly got involved in Mexican cooking through the embassy and a friendly competition with the latin community in Athens. At the Bazaars organized by the embassy the Mexican delicacies were always the first to go, and soon she was offered the job of running a Mexican themed week at the boutique hotel St. George Lycabettus. Then she decided to learn more about Mexican food from friends and family, and two years ago she opens Rincon Mexicano with help from her son. The idea was to open a warm authentic Mexcian joint for all people, no matter what economic status or background they have.


Address: Dimitrakopoulou 5, Acropolis       Map
Telephone: 211 4054659 - 6933354265

Price per person: Price per person €7- €12 (depending on how hungry you are and how much you

Opening Hours:
Tues- Sun 2pm- midnight
Monday closed


Mole Poblano & Tamale de Elote are both a must- not because we think you’re going to love them but because they have unique tastes that are very different from things you may be used to. The burrito though tasty is not as large as you may hope. Try the pineapple cheese cake courtesy of an Argentinian friend! Make sure to book a table on the weekend because it is small and the tables are taken up VERY fast.

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