Giant Beans with Smoked Meat (Syglino)

The syglino adds a delicious smoked taste and aroma to the classic greek Giant beans gigantes.

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1/2 kg giant beans
250 gr smoked pork (syglino) finely sliced
1 onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely sliced
1/2 cup olive oil
1 can of plum tomatoes
salt & pepper


Preheat oven at 180° C.

  • Finely slice syglino
  • Finely chop onion
  • Finely slice garlic

1.  Place the giant beans overnight in a bowl with water.

2.  The next day boil them in plenty of water until they become soft and then drain them.

3.  In a pot, sauté the onion, garlic and smoked meat (syglino).

4.  Add the giant beans and plum tomatoes and let them come to a boil.

5.  Place all of the ingredients in a pan and cook them in the oven until ready.