Avgenis, For Old Times Sake

It looks somewhat out of place on a commercial street of a Northern Suburb. There among the modern clothes stores, oppostie a small cosmetic store you will see sausages hanging from the frames, olives exhibited in wooden bowls and you will breath air of the past.

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Avgenis is not a specialized store with ideology and principles behind it trying in some way to shape consumers and educate. It is a mini market, as mini markets were back in the day. They carried traditional Greek products, few staple commercial ones that have become part of our national memory, and the reasons for their choices were not ideological or health oriented. The principle is simple, if I find a product that tastes good, I keep it until the end, no reason to change. Avgenis is quite overwhelming, dark but traditional.Find a wide variety of Greek cheeses and cold cuts.
Varieties of beans, each from different place in Greece.
Treat yourself to an olive tasting!Avgenis has been family owned and run for 34 years. You will meet the founding member in the store on a daily basis. The staff is cordial in a way unknown to us these days; they are not overly polite or concerned with the client but will treat one with a solid type of genuine respect. It was made known to us that the glorious days of the past were no longer there but that the lessons had been learnt and pride for what they do have now is great.


Address: Ermou 34, Maroussi Market      MAP

Telephone: +30 210 8023 649

Opening Hours: Regular Athens Store Hours

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