Karras: Making bread since 1928

Mr. Nikos, which of your breads do you eat most often and what do you accompany it with?
“I eat all of them, it is my job, but I mostly eat the country bread and I eat it with about everything. Eh, what can I say, they eat it with soups, they eat with salads, and they eat it with bolognese...”


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The outside of the store is non-descript apart from the beautiful large window that
showcases one of the many wood ovens used in this bakery. Contrasting this stark outer appearance
upon entering you are met with walls lined with baked goods. The queues are often huge and customers
never stop coming and going as do the loaves of bread in and out of the ovens. The flour used is of
Greek origin, from a specific mill and of a special variety which they know produces the flour that suits
their recipes and ensures a constant result for their customers. Depending on the recipe they either use
bought yeast or make their own mother yeast which gives a sourdough flavor. The people behind Karras
are bakers to the bone.

The country bread is good hearty bread, with no frills, but tasty.
The olive oil bread, unlike what you may find in other bakeries, is not at all oily but has just the right
amount to give it a moist and tight crumb. Perfect with a good piece of kefalograviera, throubes olives
and tomato or a dollop of taramosalata!
There are 10 different loaves to choose from and a large array of hand made plain cookies and crackers.
There are various very tasty home-made pies and snacks.
The more elaborate pastry items are not made by the bakery (those lining the right wall as you enter the

Karras has been around for almost a century; and has fed three generations of the Kafetzis family. Surprisingly
it does not get its name from the family but rather from the fact that the founding father was
one of the few people in -what was then a- village community of Anoixi who owned a horse drawn cart,
karo in Greek; thus the nickname Karras. The son of Karras, now in his late seventies, has handed the
management down to his three children who now work and run the place, but still keeps a watchful eye
on what is going on. This bakery is one that reminds us of the old days, not in appearance but rather in
that the people behind it are true craftsmen in the art of making bread.
plain country bread- €0,90/ 500g whole wheat- €0,90/500g corn bread- €1,05/ 500g

Address: 58 Marathonos Avenue, Anoixi
Telephone: 210 6217762

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Karras: Making bread since 1928
Opening Hours: Daily 5:30am - 9pm
Sundays 5:30am - 6pm


plain country bread
corn bread
oil bread
pizza pie with tomato, olives and cheese
chocolate layered tsoureki is a MUST

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