Red Lottus (Kokkinos Lottos), self service and freedom of choice

Hari, what have you changed and learnt through this crisis? “I have become much more careful and calculative with my money and the way I spend. I used to hate planning things but I realize that the the better one plans the more things they can do, paradoxically.

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The Red Lottus is a vibrant and exotic bar/cafe whose atmosphere makes you feel you could be anywhere; you could almost imagine hearing the conversation on the table next to you being in another language. It has cosy couches to share with your friends and others waiting to meet you, and also small secluded areas that have their unique character. It is like a beach hut in the middle of a city, that gives you the chance to chose how much money you want to spend on your night out an how you wish to use their space. You will find limited options of food yet they do have nuts and tortilla sandwiches. Do not doubt the qualiy of the drinks because of the price, they are good drinks that have been priced based on their clean price and the added value the owners need to keep the business healthy. Also as they do not offer service of any sort, not even water as is common in Greece, they can keep the prices low. The idea had been brewing for a while but as happens with all good ideas, it needed something to trigger it to life. The return of a dear friend of Hari’s from abroad was that trigger and quickly the project was underway. The goal was to create a place like those that Hari had seen on travels to Morocco, Spain and some place else. He noticed that they had a nonchalant air, didn’t need too much of an effort to sustain, and were places he really enjoyed to be in. He knew what he wanted and made it, quickly, without much fuss but with much care.


Address: Zoodochou Pigi 5, Exarheia
Telephone: 210 38 01 380

Price per person: Vodka- Whiskey- Rum- Gin + any mixer €4,00 Sangria €3,50 Coffee €0,80- €1,40 Mojito
(6 tastes) €5,20

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs 11am- 3am
Fri 11am - 4am
Sat 12pm - 4am
Sunday closed


This place is ideal for a celebration of some sort, reserve one of the secluded areas for a group.

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