Early after-work drinks @ Briki in Mavili

Elianna, why Briki?
"That's a hard one to answer in words. To me Briki is a feeling, it is vibrant and alive, I bump into people I know and it is ALWAYS full!"

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Briki has been around for a while, when looked at from a distance it looks exactly as it was when it opened, but if you look a little closer you will always find small variations in its decoration, a virtue of one of the two owners. If we had two words to describe Briki, they would be classy and eccentric. The decoration is playful and surprising, and the barmen and women unique as are the quirky details that meet the eye. A place that may catch you off guard; you may find yourself staggering out the door in a condition unexpected. Happy times!The cocktail list is extensive, covering the classic ones everybody enjoys and extending to cover the more daring drinkers willing to explore. All drinks are thankfully accompanied with salty cucumber slices, green olives and nuts. The sandwiches are just sandwiches; tasty and un-elaborate.Despite the extrovert and excessive appearance, we did not get much information about the people behind the Bar. The message was simple; the two owners love this job, they still work shifts like any other employee and do not much like talking about their story!


Address: Dorileou 6,
Mavili Square

Telephone: +30 2106452380

Price per person: All Cocktails €8,50 Sandwiches €3,50- €5,00 Espresso €1.50

Opening Hours: Mon- Thurs: 8am- 3am
Sat & Sun : 3pm - whatever time it goes



Elianna Recommends: The Bloody Mary
The crowd prefers: margaritas and mojitos

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