Kapetan Michalis, as simple as that

Manoli, is there anything you have changed since the crisis? “Actually we haven’t changed much, we offer the same quality and have the same prices. What has changed is the amount people are willing to spend, though the people who used to come still come.”

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Kapetan Michalis is a simple Greek mezedeopoleio on a quiet road in the dead center of our hectic city. It has the simplicity of a village tavern, with wooden chairs, two gas stoves, and a make shift kitchen equipped enough to cook just about everything. The decoration is as Greek as it gets with a bouzouki and worry beads hanging on the wall. As it is close to lots of theaters it tends to attract actors and theater-going crowds of all ages and also small groups of friends, “pareas”, that are out to catch up on their news. This place is not about the food but rather it is about what takes place over the food.  The food is good. We wouldn’t’ say excellent but for the price you pay you eat well and drink well. The house wine is excellent, their oil based ladera are well-made and the fries are home cut and fried. You will be able to find all types of meze to taste traditional Greek cuisine. Every day they have 2-3 cooked dishes and the ladies behind the counter make great fried dishes. Kapetan Michalis has been around for ever, or nearly forever. It has stood in the same spot with the same name for 57 years. It started as a traditional Greek coffee house and converted into a meze corner 17 years ago. It is owned by a family who came from Crete and took over this spot from the then retiring coffee shop owner. It takes its name from one of the two brothers who first started working it. Manolis the second generation started cooking knowing very little and has now picked up enough knowledge and experience to be the one choosing the main dishes that are prepared on a daily basis.


Address: Feidiou 3, Centre      Map
(close to Panepistimio metro station)
Telephone: 210 3820073

Price per person: €10-€15

Opening Hours: Daily noon - midnight


Try their meatballs. Best time to find yourself there is for an after work drink and nibble; a great place to unwind. When the weather is good they put tables out on the pavement and the street is taken over by people.

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