Rallou's Food Corner (Edodima tis Rallous)

A neighborhood mini market just the way you would want it. Personal, welcoming and supplied with things from dried foods and dairy to fresh produce from the organic farmers market.

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Rallou's is a small deli, that covers all your needs apart from cleaning materials! It is just like a large household pantry with anything you would want to cook with, the shelves are lined with tonnes of produce and the staff/family is always up for a heartfelt chat.All produce has been carefully chosen with taste and pureness in mind. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Rallou visits the local organic farmers market and brings excellent fresh produce closer to you.Rallou and her husband Giorgos, both actors, realised early on their careers that if they wanted to "be recognised" in the acting world that they would have to give up a lot of principles that were important to them. In response, they decided to create an environment for themselves and their young family which was true to their values.  They began with the deli and moved to opening their bakery "Mama Psomi" ("Mother, Bread"). Through these two ventures they have direct relationships with people and communicate their pureness and creativity through food. They have both been pleasantly surprised by the positive response they have received, which reinfroces their belief that one should not compromise their truth on any account.


Address: Genneou Kolokotroni 1, Koukaki    map

Telephone: +30 210 9223366

Price per person: Honey €13/Kg- €25/Kg White Beans €5,80/Kg Bread €1,80/500g

Opening Hours: Regular Athenian Store Hours


Try the home-made cheese pie!
Try the pasta products from Pyrgos made by a friend of the family!

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