Pnyka: A Bakery with Distinctions!

Mr. Kotsaris loves to accompany his slice of fresh country bread with good, quality, fresh, green olive oil!
He’s from Kalamata, who can blame him?!


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Mr Dimitris Kotsaris has been a baker for 60 years now. The first store that he
opened under the sign Pnyka, was near Syntagma square, and it is still there. But the workshop now
works in Pagkrati, at Pratinou st., which stays open almost 24/7. They start baking the bread for the next
day from 11 o’clock at night the day before and continue with the kneading and everything else unitl
late noon of the next day. In Pnyka they give great emphasis on the raw materials and insist that they
will not fall below the utmost quality.
What is unique about Pnyka is that in the workshop in Pagkrati there is a stone mill that is used to cut
the flour, oat, barley, or the wholeweat flour for the bread they make.
When we went there to take pictures and do the interview, 3 people were standing in front of a huge
wooden table, where the country loaves were given shape. That was the 5th dose of a 90 kilo- bunch of
dough they were making that day. And the time was only 10.30 in the mornιng...!

Pnyka boasts of a soft, fluffy and easy country bread; the type you have defienitely
nibbled on by the time you get home. It is an easy bread to accompany almost anything with as it is not
overpowering in taste or aroma. The whole wheat bread is massive, healthy looking and full in taste;
perfect for open sandwiches using pure ingredients.
Everything is hand and in-house made! Even the chocolates, the desserts and the ice-cream in the summer!
Price per person: Village bread: 0,80€
Suggestions: You can’t leave this place without buying at least one loaf of village bread, with sesame on
top or not, and at least 250g of the big round wholewheat loaves
Special notes for the barley bread!


Address: Pratinou13, Pagkrati
Tositsa 26, Exarcheia
Petraki 24, Syntagma
Telephone: 210 7251941

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 7.00p.m. - 6.00a.m


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