Mama Roux for Eating Out any Time

Elianna, why Mama Roux?
"I love the fact that it is open from morning to night; pass by, find a table, sit down and eat. It's that simple."

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The moment you sit down you feel like you are in the right place; not only the food is made with you in mind but their informal but caring attitude makes you feel immediately at home. The space carries an air of the past and future mixed together, which gives the feel of a place with a story to tell. Mama Roux offers a comforting coherence somewhere between the large windows that give on to the commercial street of Aeolou, the classical Greek mosaic, the fantastic bar, the industrial concrete benches scattered with pillows, the wooden tables and the huge collage on the wall.In terms of taste there is a lot to learn from Mama Roux. Its menu is comprised of selected dishes from many different cultures made as true as can be to the traditional recipe, and it is with this that they have won over the Greek restaurant scene! You will find dishes to satisfy people with dietary restrictions, people with difficult taste and those interested in expanding their palette. The only draw back is, that they get overwhelmed when they are very full and the food may delay in arriving.At Mama Roux the potpourri of tastes and cultures is not only limited to the food. The kitchen staff is from many corners of the world and the owners, John and Lenio, are from two continents. They stress that their choice of food is not "ethnic" but rather an exhibit of the foods they have loved and appreciated when traveling all over the world. It was always there dream to have a restaurant of their own, and for John this journey began in the US when he worked for a co-op that supported local farmers and organically grown products that transformed itself into something more than just a point of sale.  For the couple, Aeolou is significant not only as an old Athenian commercial street but also as a point in the center with an inside-out feel to it.


Address: Aeolou 48-50
Syntagma, Athens

Telephone: +30 213 0048382

Price per person: €15-€20

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9am to midnight
Sunday- noon to 6pm
Monday- 9am to 6pm


Elianna Suggests: The chicken tandoori and the soup of the day.
We suggest you try the eggplant puree with lamb minced meat and fresh parsley which is honesty divine!
American-style brunch served on the weekends!

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