Geona’s, an exotic garden for a change of style

In a residential suburb about 20 minutes away from the center of Athens you will find Geona’s, with its very green garden, calm atmosphere and its excellent service.

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Geona’s may have an exotic sea-side air to it and you almost feel that you could be drinking a group cocktail with coconut aroma and many straws coming out of it; only that you almost definitely are deceived if you are expecting this. Geona’s is actually more classic than classic can get with great service and all-rounded very good food. It is over priced, and though it is catered to the few who can afford it, if you want to treat yourself they will not let you down and this is a rare quality. The menu demonstrates influence from various places around the world though it has a focus on the Mediterranean. Diners will find a genuine mix of classic Greek tastes, think dolma or boiled seasonal greens with fresh olive oil, and established French recipes like sole meunière, while also salmon tartar on a bed of Mediterranean salad greens. All the dishes are simple and true to the taste of the produce; with combinations of ingredients that do not overpower one another but rather compliment and enhance each other. They have various simple fish and meat dishes that they offer with rice, mashed potatoes, and grilled or boiled vegetables according to your liking. The bread basket is interesting, with small salty bread muffins and whole wheat anis flavoured country bread. Let’s start from the name. Geo- for George. N- for Nektarios. A for Anthony. This could only be a woman’s doing. The mother of these three boys opened Geona’s after returning from South Africa where she lived and acquired experience in managing restaurants. The thing is that she didn’t remain at a distance and manage, rather she was in the kitchen, cooking and sharing her love-filled food with the diners of this cosy place. The menu is not an attempt at being international rather it is a true depiction of what this lady likes and cooks best. The food is changed as often as there is inspiration and ideas to change it and according to the success of a plate it stays or leaves. Her three sons now work front of house while she does still overlook the cooking on a daily basis.


Address: 28th October St. & Davaki 1, Paleo Psyhico (Nea Agora)
Telephone: +30 210 6755571

Price per person: €35-€40

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday Evening
Sunday and Monday Closed


The taramosalata is excellent and you MUST try it with the whole wheat bread that just adds another dimension to it!

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