Alexandrino for Weeknight Dinner and Drinks

Elianna, why Alexandrino?
"I love the beautiful boxes their coffee comes in. If you're lucky and they finish one while you're there, you may even get one to take home with you! They are perfect for DIY plant pots."

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Alexandrino, is a place romantic, alive and bohemian. It has a wonderful combination of a comfortable neighbourhood bar with the formality of times gone by. It is a young people's place with the committed passion of an older person. The bar staff is highly professional and dressed in respectable attire, tying in and contributing to the scene. You will find quality throughout, and an interesting combination of young and old.The food is surprisingly excellent, perfect for a light dinner. You will find various salads to choose from and a large variety of bruschetta beautifully presented and very tasty! The small brioche sandwiches are great snacking material and the cocktails fantastic.In the past when people grew up outside of the city and moved to Athens later on in life when if they opened a coffee shop or restaurant they would name it after their hometowns and colour it with their traditions; that way their compatriots knew where to go for a taste of home. This was the thought that led to giving Alexandrino its name since Harris' father is from Alexandria. The goal was to create a space through which people were transported somewhere far from where they were. Both owners are young and worked in the industry before opening this bar, one of them was the first barman but has now given up his role to others he deems more capable. Their new venture is called "Red Lottus", it looks nothing like Alexandrino but aims to have good quality cheap drinks and coffee.


Address: Emmanouil Beanki 69
Exarheia, Athens

Telephone: +30 210 3827780

Price per person: €10-€15 (for a cocktail and a generous nibble)

Opening Hours: Mon- Thurs: 9am-2am (strictly)
Sat: 11am - 3am
Sunday closed


If you order the creme brulee, expect a smooth cream but a soggy caramel (very easy to perfect though...)
Bloody Mary best in town.

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