Morning Coffee @ Isidora

Elianna, why Isidora?
"It is very simple. The coffee is fantastic, the people are great and I bump into all my neighboring office colleagues. I also love the daily routine!"

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Isidora is no ordinary neighborhood mini market; unlike traditional mini markets this one is defined by the owners' insatiable strive for perfection in terms of decoration and taste. Upon entering you are met with vibrant colors, a strong aroma of coffee and friendly faces willing to spark a conversation at any moment. Constantly in search of the ultimate coffee the staff has undergone intensive training and never stop tasting to find  it.Fresh ingredients, semi-brioche bread, home-made; enough said? Snacks varying from tasty to kettle, from lacta to hand-made chocolate bars, from Kellogg to organic German muesli.Isidora was established in 2003 by Isidora and her husband Kostas. The spark that triggered its creation was personal; they wanted to create a place where they could find good coffee in a pleasant environment. Their driving principle is to find ways to keep their customers engaged. They do so first and foremost through the their quality, but they maintain this relationship through playful means and interactive projects that they organize in the store. What makes them special is that even if they are behind the bar serving they never cease to see the store as though they were standing ordering their own morning coffee.


Address: Hydras 3

Telephone: +30 210 68 47 670

Price per person: €2,30 - coffee

Opening Hours: Mon- Sat: 6am- 11pm
Sun: 8am- 11pm


Elianna recommends: Non-fat Latte!...yes can ask for your coffee just the way you like it!

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