Ypovrihio (The Submarine), small portions of greek food with a twist

Somewhere between the most wealthy neighborhood of the center of Athens and the most controversial, you will find Ypovrihio with open windows welcoming everyone in for a bite to eat and a tsipouro to drink.

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Ypovrihio is a small cosy place on the corner of a busy city road lined with various bars and coffee shops. With large windows enclosing it all around you get the feeling that you are in a fish bowl that has been placed in the middle of a city; when the weather calls for it these windows are opened to let in the air almost giving you the feeling that you are sitting outside. It has a large selection of small plates of greek food and attracts young people of varying types at all times of the day, so stop by for a snack or to eat a full meal. To help your digestion take a walk meandering through the legendary neighborhood of Athens that envelopes the restaurant. The dishes are all based on classic greek recipes; though some have incurred unique interventions. You will find taramosalata, pies, cured fish and seafood in various forms. Some of their plates combine simple ingredients with good olive oil and herbs, and make for purely delicious options; some examples are the pleurotus with cumin and dried oregano or baked potato stuffed with katiki domokou, a soft white cheese, and fresh olive oil. The menu is usually comprised of 15-20 standard dishes that are complimented with some daily inspiration, based on what the cooks may find at the market on any given day. Ypovirhio is now 5 years old and growing. It is the result of a combined effort of two determined friends. They left Crete where they both grew up to come to Athens to open a traditional coffee house with a modern air. They both are active and work at the bar daily, cooking, serving and having a good time with their customers/ friends. The name “Ypovrihio” comes from the fact that they were sure to serve both the classic greek sweet “Ypovrihio” which is a spoonful of soft vanilla sugar in water, but also the deadly drink of beer with a shot of tequila immersed in it. They then made sure that the decoration matched the name and the whole place is decked out in fish, submarines, and decoration that sways just as if you were underwater.


Address: Asklipiou 53, Kolonaki    Map
Telephone: 210 3614296

Price per person: Price: €10-€12 per person (including a drink)


The tsipouro is one of the best in Athens!
Try the home made dolmades, made by an aunt of the one owner. Their specialties are grilled liver, and smoked pork, apaki, a cretan delicacy.

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