Saturday Afternoon in Tokyo

Elianna, why Tokyo?
"I think it comes down to a combination of the Saturday afternoon people watching and the burgers, which are on the house."

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Tokyo is a bar, that became trendy very fast; from one day to the next it became a must, people just started talking about it. But, on Saturday early afternoon you will find a different vibe at work. It is less dark, there are less people and it feels more neighborhoodie and homey. You will find burgers, or something special on occasion, as a generous gesture from the Bar to its customers. A great place to meet with friends in the afternoon and a equally great place to watch the dark come on. Even if not gourmet or complex, the food is great and no matter what, the power of the gesture in our opinion wins over the culinary experience. Almost like a cartographer maps a city after the fact, that is how Tokyo figured out what it was to be; after the fact. It is in a neighborhood the owners hardly visited and it didn't have a name a few days before the opening. One of the owners had recently traveled to Tokyo, they liked the name, they liked the irony of saying that you are going to Tokyo for a drink, they built on that, they added decorative elements, they gave a lot to it and it BECAME what it is today. Thodoris one of the two founders and current owner can be found in Tokyo nearly every day, doing everything that needs to be done but doesn't have anyone to do it. He rarely works in front of the bar, but loves being behind the bar; he personally does the shopping, and takes care of the place as though it is his home! It is clear that Tokyo is part of an experiential journey to learn who to serve and do the job better every time.


Address: Sina 21

Telephone: +30 213 00 35 558

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am -....(3am)
Sun: 6pm-....


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