In the Garden of the Numismatic Museum of Athens

Romantic, green, and alive, we introduce you to one of the most beautiful gardens in Athens In the wake of the Numismatic Museum.

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You will not come here for the food, but you will definitely want to come here for the magic of that which surrounds you. The garden is absolutely beautiful; big, sun-filled and lush. You look up and you notice the contrast between the grand museum buildings and the concrete apartment buildings dressed in window after window and grey with smog. The green and flourishing nature refreshes and offers peace amidst the bustling city and the stuffy heat of the Athenian summer. The cafe is open from morning to night and offers a different vibe at different times of the day; don’t forget to visit the museum by day, and perhaps by night; if you want to be part of a mid-summer nights dream, this is the place to go! The food options are the classics you will find in most decent coffee places around Athens. Ham and cheese, salmon with cream cheese, pesto mozzarella tomato made with average ingredients, accompanied by industrial chips but put together in-house. The salads are made here, where as the pies and desserts are made elsewhere and delivered on a daily basis; if they haven’t ran out of oranges you will have a fresh juice, if not you are stuck with the prepackaged classics. You will find ice cream by Kayak, a top quality Greek ice cream brand, with imaginative flavors and great ice cream texture. Despite the mediocre food, the beautiful recipients, the careful presentation and the cultured environment compliment it to provide a very above average experience! Vasili, the owner, is a characterful individual who seems very at ease in the space he has created and confident that with time and passion this place will develop into a cultural hub for all sorts of crowds. In only 8 months, since Vasili and his partner took over this magical spot, they have managed to revive the run-down garden, they have incorporated their love of music into the space through live jazz performances and atmospheric evenings, and have attracted a more alternative and all-rounded audience. They are open to renting the space out for events, parties, lectures and performances of all sorts. They encourage bike-riders from around the city to stop for a break. Both have multiple years in the entertainment business and are anticipating to see how with the love and attention this place will take on a life of its own.

Address: Panepistiiou 12, Athens Center
Telephone: +30 210 3610067

Price per person: wine €4-€5/glass, beers €3-€5, food €4-€8, coffee € 2,50- €4

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 8:30am to Midnight
Sunday 9am to 3pm


Thursday Night Jazz @ 8:30 pm

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