The Bakery of Lycabettus: at the top of the flour hill

Mr. Stavros, which is your favorite bread and what would you accompany it with?
“I would choose a different loaf according to what I want to eat. But the combination that immediately comes to mind is the Monastery- style no knead bread with fasolada/ white bean soup.”

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You will find a strange emptiness in this bakery that at first makes the place feel a
little cold and gives the feeling of something forgotten in time. You will understand the reason only after
you have tried the bread and rest of the goodies. Lycabettus is a place not of appearance but of substance,
the owner has consciously chosen to sell only things that are made in house by his 6 membered
team and what they have is what they show. Primary ingredients is of utmost importance and all the
recipes have been adapted and created by the owner himself. This bakery is in the center of a bustling
city, yet treats its customers in village style; each has to wait their turn, each takes their time to choose
their bread, converse and share with the person serving them. A humble bakery with surprising quality!
Food Impressions: In this partially empty space you can find 20-22 different types of bread; 3 of which
are German breads, 2 no knead monastery style, low gluten bread made from potato starch, scones,
savoury muffins, pies, classic greek pastries, oatmeal cookies, moustokouloura, and tsoureki, to say the
least. They make their own mother dough from grape extract and flour, that gives their bread a unique
moisture and flavour. The recipes are adaptations of traditional ones and reflect the knowledge accumulated
over the years. The bakery at which you will find the most original bread flavors!
Price per person: country bread €0,90/500g German kinds €9,40/kg

The Bakery has been around for 25 years, and though the owner Stavros Iskiadakis did grow up around
his father’s bakery it wasn’t until he really got involved that he fell in love with bread making.
The words imparted us rather than the story are what we believe worthy of recording.
“You cannot love something you do before you know its secrets.”
“As bakers we work with a living organism, this is what makes our work both interesting and difficult at
the same time.”

“The moment I felt the challenge of trying to achieve stable quality in my bread, I was hooked.”

Opening Hours: Daily 7am - 5pm
Saturdays 7am - 4pm
Sunday Closed

Address: Deinocratous 59, Kolonaki
Telephone: 210 7211348




Suggestions: Monastery No Knead Bread you will not find it else where
Cumin and Honey with poppy seed bread - this is perfect for a cheese, chutney and red wine situation
SCONES, SCONES, SCONES...just trust us.
Oatmeal cookies with brown sugar, chocolate chips, and hazelnut.

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