SIX D.O.G.S. an alternative scene open to all

SIX D.O.G.S. is the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of what to do with yourself in Athens on a stuffy summer morning, afternoon, or evening.

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It catches you off guard whether it is the first or seventh time you enter the grimy little street of Avramiotou, walk to the middle of the street amidst garbage and graffiti, take the stairs to share a piece of shade under one of the large fig trees, sit yourself at one of the many wooden benches and order your cocktail, coffee, snack or juice. The garden is not straight edge, but you will definitely find your place amidst the rocks and sandy colored soil. You will then probably be taken over by another rhythm, almost vacation-like, that slowness that comes when you are in nature and with people you love, surrounded by others doing exactly the same as you whether they have dropped their briefcases on the ground and are grabbing the second round of shots, or taking a break from their studying. Do not expect too much from the food. It is very tasty but it is definitely not gourmet; sandwiches, salads, and home-made bagels, pies, pizza, vegetarian dishes, and hotdogs. You will find desserts, citrus tart, chocolate cake, and tiramisu. Fresh juices, smoothies, coffees, and fresh fruit cocktails are also on the menu! A group of people from different professional backgrounds together decided on a project that would really offer something to the alternative Athenian scene; a place that they would also like spending time in. The garden came second. In first place was their proposal to join all the bars on the street level together and make a collective space. Their goal was to create a space that was not an elitist alternative scene but rather an open minded space where anybody would feel welcome. It is currently of the few clubs in Athens with underground techno music (usually on Saturdays) and at the same time organizes events of all sorts that cover various topics. In its 3 years of life, SIX D.O.G.S has managed to establish itself and give a lively presence to its surrounding giving us faith that good things can happen when we really try.


Address: Avramiotoy 6-8, Monastiraki
Telephone: +30 210 32 10 510

Price per person: espresso €2,5 desserts €4 snacks €3,5 - €7,5

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thrusday 10am - 4am
Friday and Saturday 10am - 6am
The kitchen is open from noon to midnight daily


Try the home-made wild cherry drink (expensive but so refreshing!) Order a pizza because if you try to resist on first go, you will be so tempted by the smell coming from  the next door table that you will have to give in. The Pina Colada is at its best!

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