Juliet: The Neighborhood Bakery

Mr. Nikos, which bread do you eat and what do you accompany it with?
The best combination for a fresh round loaf of sourdough is fresh butter and marmalade for breakfast. Both for us and the children!”


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Juliet is a bakery that stands out on a very busy road, mostly because of its sign,

which depicts a woman kneading bread in what seems to be France of the 18th century. However, this
is not alien or pretentious at all; the link between the image and the reality is the simplicity of the picture
which characterizes perfectly the humbleness of the raw materials that are used in the bread and
the modesty of the owners. Mr. Nikos Papachristou and his wife, still bake bread with their hearts fourty
years after the opening!
Food Impressions: What is unique about Juliet is that apart from bread, they also bake biscuits and
cookies. Most bakery’s have pastries and desserts, but at Juliet you won’t find that. What you will find is
over 40 kinds of biscuits and cookies, savory and sweet, with butter, light or with special ingredients like
spinach, carrot, wine or olive oil. Cookies are one of the reasons why people who have moved from the
neighborhood still come to Juliet, on special occasions.
There is also a wide range of bread. Although in 1979 Mr. Nikos started with 2-3 kinds of bread, today he
has expanded his produce to over 14 kinds, some of them with sourdough, barley, classic country style,
whole wheat or whole grain. He also bakes Dinkel bread, the classic recipe from Germany.
Juliet’s bread is good bread, one that will never let you down, whether you offer it to your guests or your

Mr. Nikos grew up in bakeries. His grandfather taught him the secrets of bread and dough, his father
was also a baker and he started working in the bakery from a very young age. At first he rented the shop
from the previous owner who had lived in Egypt and married a woman called Juliet. Later on, when
they bought the shop Mr.Nikos kept the name Juliet for the sake of good fortune and legacy. Today he
works there with his wife who left her carrier as a civil servant to become a baker as well. Mr. Nikos does
not distinguish between his produce, just like a father cannot say which of his children he loves the
most. When he starts talking about his favorite product in the shop, you have to stop him, because after
mentioning 10 (and counting) different things he loves, he starts coming up with new ideas about new

Country style bread: 0,70€

Address: Sevastoupoleos 134, Ampelokipoi
Telephone: 210 6921976

Opening Hours: Everyday except for Sundays 6.00-21.00


Round loaf with leaven and pinakoti bread.
Buy a large bag of cookies. Top of list are the American cookies for children with full fat milk butter and
chocolate, honey cookies, honey cookies with walnuts and also the traditional Easter cookies.
Tsoureki (sweet, aromatic bread, something like brioche) with chocolate, cream & apple and cream &
cherry filling!
Hand-made cheese pie, spinach pie and bougatsa (cream pie)

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