Κanaria, chirping with feeling

Dimitra, apart from having good prices what have you done to deal with the crisis? “Well, we haven’t changed anything because of the crisis, from day one Kanaria had people in mind. We have not raised the prices, even if the VAT has increased, we have had 1€ coffee Wednesdays since the beginning and we try to have good quality live performances for free.”

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Kanaria is a traditional coffee/meze shop with a true heart-felt atmosphere. In an old renovated building in Keramikos, an up and coming neighborhood, with beautifully tiled floors and large wooden framed windows just like they were. You will find loud music, a lively young crowd, and a space full of character. Each piece of decoration is unique in that it has been slowly accumulated over the years. The hanging lamps contribute to the artistic air and though initially make-shift to cut costs, have remained thus ever since. All the cold cuts, sausages and cheeses are from Elassona, the town the owners are originally from. The way they use them is creative and brings out the flavors of the ingredients. They have experimented a lot and tried various producers until they settled for the plates you see today. Once they find something they like they stick to it , so the only things changed are ones that they have found better alternatives for. Dimitra and her sister decided to open Kanaria four years ago. It was something unrelated with their previous professions yet the decision was taken smoothly and without hesitation. Sometimes it takes ages to find the right place, the right name, and the right things to decorate with, but in this case it was different. The first place they found to rent is the space you will be visiting yourself, the name had already been given by the previous owner in 1937 who had many canaries and so named it Kanaria, the decoration has been collected over the years and the furniture is traditional coffee house furniture. It has been a simple process that has been fruitful for both, and that has brought many positive repercussions to them and the community they have created around it.


Address: Plateon and Keramikou, Metaxourgeio     Map

Price per person: coffee €2,00- €3,00 raki €2,50 food/person €10-€12

Opening Hours: Daily 8am- 2am



Do not have high expectations from the food, just take in the inspiring atmosphere.

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