Where to find the best beaches in Cyclades

Thin sand, light blue water, and a light breeze to cool you off during the hot summer months, is what you should expect from a visit to any Cycladic island this summer.
We are in Cyclades

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For the past few years, while searching for small paradises - sometimes with inflatable boats, sailing boats and cruise ships and sometimes with a simple motorcycle - you discover some of the prettiest beaches in the beautiful islands of Cyclades.

Cyclades are uniquely inviting escapes…perhaps it’s the breeze, the smell of the dry soil-scented thyme and oregano, or the crystal clear sea.

Something in all this or the combination has made me fall in love with these islands. 

Some of these beaches are over-crowded with umbrellas and sun beds, and others are deserted  but with crystal clear waters and a small hassle until you get there, but when you get there, the reward is priceless.

These are the beaches awarded with a Gourmed blue flag that we believe are worth to discover this summer.


Koufonisia Italida Pori

So called “discovered Paradise” were unfortunately you will not be alone as you would a few years ago ...

But again, the small island in the Small Cyclades, will offer you countless experiences.

The Italida and Pori are the great divas, with rocky caves behind the Pori that steal your heart !!!





​Pori – the back side of the caves

Ios Maganari

All beaches in Ios will enchant you with their fine sand and blue water but only a few visit the South part of the island and enjoy the beautiful Maganari beach !!!


Maganari Ios


Psili Ammos Schoinousa

Schinoussa, besides its known tasty fava it also offers some excellent beaches.

The one that stole our heart is a small beach on the NE side of the island under Messaria.


​Psili Ammos Schoinousa


Tzia, Spathi & Ksila

The island of Kea offers numerous nice beaches throughout the entire island.

The two best by far are the deserted “Spathi” and “Ksila”.

The first in the NE part of the island, about forty minutes from Vourkari with crystal water and a lovely small tavern offering special Greek and Cycladic dishes.

The second one, in the NW - about half hour from the port – and only offers a few sunbed and amazing waters.





Kolones Beach in Kythnos

If you are one of the lucky ones that travel around the Aegean with a floating board, while entering the port of Kythnos, you will notice the wonderful beach of Kolones.

Kolones is located at a wonderful strip between two hills that creates two large but quiet – unless you go on the weekend – bays.




Serifos Vagia

At the island of the winds, you come across Vagia beach which is located in the SE of the island and accommodates quiet beaches.  

All other beaches in the South also including Koutalas and Ganema have thin and turquoise waters. In the SW of the island, you will find the Megalo Livadi and all across the island you can discover old mines.




Milos Firiplaka

Milos is famous for its beaches which combine unreal colors and textures because of the many fields of the island affecting and beaches.

Among the most known - Tsigkardo, Provatas, Kleftiko, Gerontas in the South and St. Agios Ioannis, Agkathia and Sikia will enchant you with their crystal clear waters.

We chose Firiplaka for the reason you see in the photo below.




Kimolos Prassa

The moonscape from the mines of pumice "elaftopetra" and the thin shiny sand will definitely enchant you and want to keep you there for ages.  

We simply went for a quick dive and eventually stayed there for two days only to discover the amazing Polyaigo that impressed us with its blue waters.




Naxos Kastraki

Naxos is famous for its sandy beaches located on the SW opposite Paros.

In the most southern part of this enormous beach you will find Kastraki which is not easily accessible because it's a bit far away but if you manage to get there you will be enthused by the fantastic scenery.




Paros Chrisi Akti, Faragas

I spent my best years in Paros.

Back in the sixties when I was a child, I cruised around with my small boat in the coast of Paroikia, diving in the crystal clear waters of Krio at Kaminakia and Agio Foka.

The whole of Paros is famous for its beautiful beaches such as Chrisi Akti, Faragas, Santa Maria, Logaras, Piso Livadi, Pounda and Drios.


Enjoy the magical sunset  in September between Portes and Agios Fokas ... which will enchant you !!! 


The West in Parikia

Hryssi akti




Andros– Tis Grias to Pidima (“Old Lady's Leap”)

The west side of Andros is filled with many sandy beaches such us  Gavrio and Batsi but the Korthiou bay in the  SE will leave you enchanted !


Tis Grias to Pidima


Astypalea Vatses

Astypalea is a quiet and calming place, perfect for your next relaxing vacation. A visit to the beautiful beach in Vatses is definitely worth your time!




Anafi Roukounas Kleisidi

The island of Anafi, besides the fact that is not a very cosmopolitan place, you will find two amazing Cycladic beaches!




Besides the amazing beaches, you will have the opportunity to discover this place’s unique fish dishes and local cheese products that are simply delicious.


Cyclades have that special something that keeps you in love with them forever !!!

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