Mama Bread! : Making Bread to Feed our Souls

Rallou, what do you like to accompany your
bread with?
“I choose what to cook based on what the
bread is best accompanied by, that way I can
eat it with every meal! My children say I’m a
show-off, but what can we do, it’s the truth.”

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 “Mama,Bread” is all windows. On cold days the windows steam up and a hot aroma
meets you as you push the door open . A piano to your left, the top part of the wall is lined with beautiful
photos from a photographer friend and the wall right in front of you is full of freshly baked bread.
Through the large opening in the wall you get a glimpse of the kitchen staff kneading or molding the
dough into the desired shapes and the sound coming from the kitchen is that of classical music. It is immediately
clear that the owners are lovers of good bread and artistic spirit.

 You will find four varieties of bread on a daily basis, and two special ones (emmer
wheat and bulgur hazelnut) on Saturdays. By far the most expensive of all the bakeries we visited yet
their bread has such a full and strong taste that it imprints itself on your taste-bud memory. The taste
is slightly sweet, but do not be deceived it has not even one pinch of sugar, far from it, the sweetness
comes from the lowered salt and the amazing quality of their flour. Their bread is a meal in itself. Its not
the type of bread that you can pick at in the car before you get home as it has a hard outer crust, but it
is the type of bread that fills your car with a beautiful smell that will make you hungry! If you do want
something to nibble on while on your drive home, buy one of their home made pies filled either with
mince meat, zucchini, or cheese. They have various cookies; with chocolate, with nuts, with orange,
sugar-free, oats and brown sugar, all of which are made with pure ingredients reflected in the taste.

Having already written about the owners of “Mama bread!” in a previous guide, we will just add a small
Giorgo’s father had the first bakery in his home town of “Ligourio” in the Peloponese. The bread recipes
used are taken directly from there, while the cookie and pie recipes are a combination of both families.

Their motto is simple and clear: “ If we wouldn’t give it to our children we won’t make it at all!”

whole wheat & country bread €1,30/500g walnut whole wheat €3/500g Emmer Wheat
Bread (for Gluten free diet) €4,50/kg

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Mama Bread! : Making Bread to Feed our Souls

Address: Zacharitsa 42-44, Koukaki (a neighbourhood close to the Akropolis)
Telephone: 210 9227686
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed- Sat: 8am - 4pm
Tues-Thurs-Fri: 8am - 8pm



Suggestions: Start with the country loaf
Then try the whole wheat with walnuts
Dark chocolate cookies with hazelnuts a MUST
Home-made zucchini “kourou” pie
Emmer wheat loaf (gluten-free)

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