Mediterranean Yogurt Cream with Summer Fruits

One of Gourmed's easiest desserts recipes is this Mediterranean Yogurt Cream with juicy Summer Fruits 

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250 gr rasberries or strawberries 
4 tbs  sugar
50 ml Vinsanto Santorini wine
284 ml fresh cream
284 ml Greek yogurt
a few sprigs fresh mint, to serve


Place the raspberries in a bowl, sprinkle with the sugar and wine and set aside for a few minutes to macerate.

Whip the cream to very soft peaks in a separate bowl and stir in the yogurt. Fold half the cream and yogurt mix into the raspberry mixture to get a bright pink cream.
Gently fold in the remaining cream and yogurt mix to give a ripple effect. Divide between 6 glasses or tumblers.

Top each with a mint sprig and a few langues de chat biscuits poked in the top.

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