The Kings of Pastourma; Batanian Brothers

In a neighbourhood market place down in Kallithea, you will be glad to discover the Batanian Brothers. A Greek delicatessen that focuses primarily on pastourma, but who's repertoire extends itself to other delicious Greek (and foreign) delicacies.

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The smell of Pastourma permeates the air, cold cuts hang from all possible points on the ceiling and the warm voices of the family behind the counter reach your ears. At Batanian you will find authentic Pastourma of various kinds, other cold cuts from around the world and various Greek meze made to perfection.You will find a great selection of dinner party starters, and strong tasting charcuterie for a perfect Mediterranean lunch time meze. Wide variety of Pastourma and fantastic Greek salad dips.There are many contending for the glory of first bringing pastourma to Greece, and the Batanian grandfather is one of them. His grandchildren guided by their aged fatehr now run the business and through the years with a lot of hard work and love it has developed into a healthy establishment exporting to multiple countries.
The environment is very welcoming and the family is more than happy to answer any of your questions!

Address: Platonos 5, Kallithea Market

Telephone: +30 210 95 66 265


Ask to try all the various options of pastourma.
Try their spicy cheese dip (tirokafteri) and their smoked eggplant salad (melitzanosalata).
Do not miss the stuffed tiny red peppers!

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