Home-made Brunch at a Friends House

Elianna, why Brunch at a Friend's House?:
"I love that we all come together and try each person's dish, I love the friendly cooking competition...and I love the pancakes Evita  (the best brunch cook, I know) makes but doesn't let me touch before they're ready!"

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Pick a friend to host the brunch.
Invite between 4-6 people, or just your other half for a private affair.
If the host is an avid cook (as was Evita, Gourmed's wonderful host) let them do the cooking. Otherwise, assign a different dish to each guest.
Get cosy, enjoy the food, the conversation and the excitement of being at a friend's house in the morning.Choose a menu based on the tastes of the group. Perhaps you start with the classic American brunch options or you play around with basic breakfast options common to many cultures; eggs, bacon, toast, home-made jam courtesy of someone's grandmother, cookies, cake, coffee, juice (preferably fresh) and the list goes on.

The quality of the brunch will definitely depend on the experience of the cooks, but even if the group is compromised of amateurs it should get better every time!Gourmed's brunch host, and Elianna's loved friend, Evita Papachristou is a young graphic designer by profession and a cook by hobby. She carries a highly aesthetic gaze that was reflected in her plating and the beautifully set table. Her perfectionism, apparent in her minimal and composed style, ensured that the food was made to restaurant standard. Currently on a sabbatical, we tried, with no avail, to suggest her next step be in the food industry!

On the day, we walked in to see a smiley and fresh-faced Evita standing over a small frying pan finishing off the mini pancakes and to the right a pot of water on the fire ready to cook our poached eggs; she was well prepared you see, and brunch was served soon after.
Evita's piece of advice to future hosts: always make the complicated dishes the night or day before and leave the ones that need to be served warm for the morning of.


Price per person: depends on what you chose to cook, but usually cheaper than eating out

Opening Hours: Saturday - Sunday: 11am - afternoon


Do not arrange anything after the brunch, just in case you get drunk on sparkling wine, or irish coffees!
Take it as seriously as you would a dinner.
Have an early night, if you are the host. (If not go, with a hang-over and chat it off!)

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