Calamari in Pesto

Chef Lazarou of Varoulko Restaurant, in Athens demonstrates one of his signature dishes; Calamari in Pesto. Check out the video to see exactly the procedure

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1 bunch fresh basil
100 gr pine nuts
100 gr grated parmesan
125 ml olive oil


500 g fresh calamari or sepia
20 ml Ouzo 
2 peeled raw potatoes
salt and pepper


Place the ingredients for the pesto in a blender and mix to a thick paste. Add a pinch of salt.
Remove the head and tentacles and clean the calamari thoroughly and rinse under cold water. Cut the body of the calamari into fine strips. Heat a small amount of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the calamri for around three minutes. Don't let them brown!
Add Ouzo and flambé the calamari briefly. Fry for around three minutes until the alcohol has evaporated. Drain any superfluous oil. Then grate the potatoes and fry in a small amount of oil in a second frying pan until they become crisp and golden brown. Season with salt and pepper.
Mix the pesto into the calamari and fry over a small flame for another three minutes. Stir constantly. Serve individually on a bed of fried potatoes.