Papaspirou: Bread making Professionals

Thanassi, which of your breads do you choose to eat and what do you usually accompany it with?
“I eat the Glyx, a German rye bread with whole grain flour suggested for people with low tolerance to gluten. I usually eat it for breakfast with an omelet.”

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 Papaspirou has been around since the 40’s. It developed its bread making activities
in the 80’s and became known for that immediately after. We like to call them professionals, not to imply
that others are not, but rather because after a tour of their premises it was apparent that they work
under strict quality and hygiene conditions that enable them to maintain stable and top quality results.
Their style is traditional but graceful and classy. Their breads all have their unique recipes and doughs.
All their cookies, crackers and traditional Thessaloniki “koulouri” are kneaded and molded by hand. Their
recipes are a mix of traditional and international recipes that they have discovered after much research.
As refelcted in their prices they are offering something refined but approachable.

At Papaspirou you will find about 30 different types of breads made from local and
imported flours depending on the need of each bread, home-made yogurt and rice pudding, a variety
of many different thin and crunchy crackers, classic Greek and international desserts, and unlike any other
bakery offers freshly made savory dishes to take home with you. We tried their new German Dinkel
bread which has a truly nutty and sour taste, and also their unique country bread which is slightly oiled
when cooked and has a tight and moist crumb. Everything you find in the store is made in-house.

Three generations.
The story starts with cake and ice cream.
Savoury meals come a little down the road.
Bread closes the circle fourty years later.
Quality and taste a priority.
Good business practice a motivating force.
Experience handed from father to children to grandchildren.
The pleasure is all ours!

 country bread €0,68/500g volkorn €1,50/500g fresh square bread €2,39 tsoureki €11,49/kg

Opening Hours: Daily 7am - 10pm
Background Info: One Family.

Address: Tatoiou 90, Kifissia
Ag. Paraskeuis 115, Halandri
Panormou 19, Abelokipi
Ag. Triados & N. Zihinis, Acharnai (store adjoined to their production unit offering 15% lower prices)
Telephone: 210 2409235


Suggestions: Definitely try the DInkel Bread!
Fantastic Kipfel Cookies; crumbly and light with no sugar apart from on the outside
Buy an assortment of stick crackers to accompany with some good Mediterranean meze
Keep in mind that you can also find square sandwich bread of far superior quality than any supermarket

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