Grated Quince(Kydoni tryfto)

Although in its natural state quince is hard and astringent when sweetened and cooked it is a favorite Greek spoon dessert. This is a lazy version of the traditional quince spoon sweet, it has a more rough looking appearance but can be used perfectly to top or add to other desserts. 

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1 kg οf quinces
1 kg sugar 
1 glass οf water, a little citric acid
1 sprig οf dried pelargonium


Wash and peel the quinces and grate roughly.

Cook equal quantities οf quince and sugar in a little water tο produce a syrup, adding more water during the process if needed.

Be careful tο ensure that the quince does not disintegrate completely.

 Before the syrup has thickened fully, add the spring οf pelargonium and the citric acid.






Optionally, the sweet can be taken off the heat and almonds chopped lengthwise and roasted can be added.