How to Store Wine

Throughout the ages, people have been looking into effective methods of storing wine. Today, such methods have been largely refined...

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Wine is a sensitive product. Since antiquity, people have been searching for ways to preserve wine for the long-term. For example, the ancients would frequently add resin to the mixture in the hopes that it would make the drink last. Modern wineries guarantee that their wines leave for the liquor stores in the best possible condition, but we the consumers are the judge of their condition when they are poured into our glass.

What wine needs

  • Keep wine in a horizontal position so that the cork will be kept moist. Leave it in darkness, with no bumps or shakes and at a constant temperature – preferably 13oC.
  • Avoid excessively dry or hot places, such as the trunk of a car during the summer. Similarly, never use the kitchen cupboard, as your wine will very likely end up smelling like the contents of the cupboard.
  • Once you have opened a bottle it must be stored in the fridge. Or even better… why not finish it off!
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