How to Carve a Roast Turkey

Here you will find a brief description of how to carve a roast turkey. The skillful carving of meat helps with the appearance of the roasts, as well as to serve them, especially when they are cold. Let roast meat or poultry sit for 15 minutes, covered with aluminum foil, before you carve them. Carve with one movement, do not "saw" it so that you do not destroy the surface of the slice.
*If you are a skilled carver and wish to add more details to this article let us know.

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1. Use a sharp knife and a large fork to keep the turkey steady. Cut where the joint of the wing meets the breast.

2. Continue cutting around the wing, until it is separated from the rest of the body.

3. Turn the turkey so as to see the angle between the breast and the thigh. Starting from the top, cut the meat up to the joint.

4. Continue cutting until the thigh and leg is separated from the rest of the body. Place the piece on the cutting board.

5. Separate the thigh from the leg, cutting the joint. Carve the meat from the thigh in long, thin slices. Serve the legs whole or carved, depending on the size and your preferences.

6. The breast is now ready to be carved. Begin from the top, carving thin, equal in thickness slices.

7. Repeat the same procedure to carve the other side. The breast bone can be removed by cutting the nerves from each side. Serve a piece of leg along with a piece of breast and a portion of stuffing. Place a wet towel under the board or platter before you carve meat on a glass or marble surface.

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