The Perfect Lobster

It is not all that difficult to locate and prepare the perfect lobster.

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Lobster is less nutritious than fish, but more so than octopus and other related species. Lobster is heavier on the stomach than fish, but lighter than octopus. It is arguably tastier than large crayfish, but not as delicious as king crab, smaller crayfish, perhaps even prawns too. However, since it has cleaner, whiter flesh than the other three, it is the most popular, and hence the most expensive, of the crustaceans.


There are countless recipes for lobster, many of which involve complicated sauces and impressive means of preparation. Take note, however: the simplest, most casual way of enjoying lobster is also the best way, and that is to grill it. The superb aroma will astound you. It’s best to choose small lobsters for grilling, as the larger ones don’t grill very well.

Like boiled lobster, grilled octopus can simply be accompanied by mayonnaise, or better yet, served plain with a little lemon juice and pepper.

Another no-fuss way to cook lobster is to boil it. Boil whole and add a little vinegar to the water if you intend to discard the water, serving the lobster with either oil and lemon, or just mayonnaise. However, if you intend to use the water and juices as stock for fish soup, do not add vinegar.

To cook a live lobster, tie the tail to the chest, and then immerse it in boiling water. A lobster that enters the pot alive has flavor far superior to one that's been kept either refrigerated or frozen. Whether dead or alive, the lobster will have excellent meat. Moreover, lobsters can remain alive for quite some time out of water. There lives can be extended even further if the tail is curled up to the chest and tied tightly, thereby rendering the creature motionless.

Lobster flesh is usually firm and tasty, but sometimes very moist and bland. Fishermen claim that this is determined by the particular depths at which lobsters live. Fishermen have also observed that lobsters caught in deep water are heavier and tastier than those caught in shallow areas. Lobsters move to different depths depending on the time of year, and, as mentioned earlier, taste depends on the seasons. The worst time to eat lobster is in summer because its flesh will be quite moist and bland.

Fishermen also maintain that female lobsters are generally superior to males in terms of taste. However, this assertion does not stay true if the lobster is caught immediately after laying eggs. Females can be distinguished from males by the strange, round, brightly colored, flower-like wings on their bellies. Fishermen claim that middle-aged, medium-sized lobsters are the best to eat.

The lobsters that live in and are caught in Greek waters do not have pincers; this genre of crustacean cannot be found in Greece.

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