The Life Limit of Olive Oil

How does olive oil travel? How can you store it at home? Continue reading to find out these answers and more...

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Contrary to wine, olive oil has a life limit and is usually at its best for the first 18 to 20 months. As the months progress, olive oil will begin to loose its aroma. In particular, the olive oil varieties containing spices or aromatic herbs tend to turn acidic after a year or so.

How does olive oil travel
It is by no means difficult to take a couple of olive oil bottles with you even if you are traveling far. Contrary to wine again, movement does not affect the quality of olive oil. It is better to transport the olive oil in glass or metallic packaging, rather than in plastic, and you can ask the shopkeeper to pack it for you for the journey. Place it in your suitcase, and hold it in place with clothes or towels. You can of course carry it as hand luggage: first-class olive oil, bought in its place of origin is worth the trouble and is not something easily found anywhere else.

How to store it at home
Once you have brought your precious burden all the way home, store it in a dark and cool place, away from light and especially from heat. The cellar, if you happen to have one, is an ideal storage place for olive oil.

Olive oil has four enemies:

  • light, especially sunlight
  • high temperatures
  • oxygen
  • metal

Make notes
If you like the olive oil you have bought, make sure to keep the label, or else write it down. You can contact the production company whenever you want and they will ship you any amount of olive oil you desire, or else you can personally buy more of the same kind during your next trip. Remember to tell your friends what variety pleased you most: in this manner you will help them to make their choice.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best gift
Take your friends or relatives a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil: you can't go wrong, they will be thrilled to receive olive oil directly from its country of origin.

The refrigerator
This is not the best place to keep olive oil: the cold temperatures will blur and thicken the valuable liquid, even if it does not alter its taste. If left at room temperature for a couple of hours, it will regain its lovely quality and colour.

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