Prawns and avocado salad

Chef Barbarigou makes a salad unbelievably refreshing that will be a great appetizer dish for a light menu dinner.

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1 crisp-hearted little gem lettuce
1 large handful rocket leaves
2 small cucumbers, their skin left on
1 round lettuce
1 avocado
8 prawns, cooked

For the dressing

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon spicy mustard
1 teaspoon dried red onion, finely cut
1 teaspoon parsley, finely cut
a few drops Tabasco sauce
a pinch of salt


Rinse the cucumbers and cut them in thin slices lengthwise using a U-shapped speed peeler.
Shell-off the prawns and remove their intestine with the tip of a knife.
If needed butterfly them (carefully slice horizontally and open each one out like a book).
Peel the avocado discarding the stone, then cut it in cubes.
Wash and spin dry all the salad leaves, then cut them coarsely.
Combine everything together in a salad bowl. Now place all the dressing ingredients in a food processor and mash them.
Top the salad with the spicy mustard dressing and when ready to serve give everything a gentle mix.

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