Pickled Olives: Green olives with Red Pepper

Olives are used for a huge variety of dishes in Greek cuisine; they can be used for stuffings, for a sauce, for salads, as a snack, and an appetizer. 

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3 kg large green olives
3 l water
250 g salt
1 tbsp sour salt
½ cup vinegar
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 kg red peppers from Florina (a type of pepper)
2 tbsp olive oil


1. Give the olives a good wash and prick them with a fork.

2. Place them in a large basin for 10 days, changing the water on a daily basis.

10 days later

1. Prepare a solution with the 3 litres of water, the 200 gr salt and the sour salt.

2. Allow the olives to remain in the solution for 8 whole days.

8 days later

1. Grill the peppers lightly (to prevent them from disintegrating), peel them and cut them in strips. Reserve any liquids from the pepper.

2. Dilute the remaining 50 gr of salt in 2 litres of water and add the vinegar.

3. Strain and rinse the olives placed in the solution.

4. In a large glass jar arrange the olives, placing in between each row of olives a few coriander seeds and some of the grilled peppers.

5. Add the solution you have previously reserved from the peppers and top it off with olive oil. After a week they will be ready.


Nearly every Greek, somewhere, on some small plot of land owns an olive tree; not every olive tree makes olives good for eating, but if they do, making pickled olives are an all time favorite! The pride with which someone will serve you their home-grown and home-pickled olives always makes them all the more tasty!
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