How to Enjoy Aged Red Wines

Useful tips on how to serve and enjoy aged red wines during the holidays like an expert sommelier...

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  1. When transporting an aged red wine from the cellar to your table, use a serving basket so as to maintain the composure of the bottle and its contents. Such a basket is made from various materials, such as metal and straw, and will prevent the sediment from coming to the surface. Of course, this basket can also serve as yet another decorative element at your festive holiday table.
  2. When cutting the plastic or metallic cap of the bottle, use simple fast movements. Avoid continuous rotating, as this could destroy the contents of the bottle.
  3. When using the bottle opener, the secret lays in the vertical insertion of the cork. Avoid unnecessary pressure and rotation. There are various types of bottle openers, such as screw pulls or puigpulls, each of which is suitable for a certain type of bottle.
  4. Aged wines need to breathe for a while before we can taste them. Therefore, use a decanter to remove the sediment that has settled in the bottle and to avoid pouring solid residue into your glass. A decanter will allow for oxygenation, releasing the exquisite aromas that have been safely stored for years.
  5. Use a small mercury thermometer to ensure that you are serving your wine at the correct temperature. The ideal consumption temperature for a great red wine is 16-18º C, making sure not to exceed it. If your wine has exceeded this ballpark, leave the bottle in ice for a few minutes in order to achieve the desirable consumption temperature.
  6. Place a metal ring on the mouth of the bottle, to catch any drips during serving. Thanks to the elasticity of the metallic plastic, you will be able to direct the wine perfectly into your glass and then expertly stop the flow when you so desire.
  7. Great wines require a great glass! The richness and complexity in the taste of red wine can only be sufficiently showcased via the appropriate glass, whose basic characteristic is the great contact surface with the air. A wide glass allows the contents to breathe, ensuring that even the most complex tertiary aromas that have been achieved through aging can be released.
  8. If you have not consumed the whole contents of the bottle, use a special stopper to store the bottle in ice, making sure to consume it within the next six hours.

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