How to Buy Olive Oil

Although it might seem self-explanatory, scroll down to better understand how to buy olive oil...

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Read the label
As a rule, the olive oil on sale always has a label in English, indicating the following:

  • the acidity
  • the area where the specific olive oil is from
  • the company producing it
  • the name of the region or town of production
  • the quantity contained in the bottle
  • the bottling date
  • the expiry date
  • the type of culture (organic or not)

Shape and color of bottles
You can find olive oil on sale in a variety of bottles or stainless metal cans in a variety of designs and colors. If you buy bottled olive oil, you should choose the darker bottles that protect the oil from the light. However, on the other hand, transparent bottles allow one to see the actual color of the oil…

Tasting before buying
You are of course entitled to try the olive oil you want to buy, in particular if you are buying it from a delicatessen store or a shop specializing in local products. Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample.

What to avoid:

  • Olive oil that has been left to stand in the sun. It would be to better choose one from the shelf inside the store.
  • Olive oil badly packaged, with a lid that doesn’t fit properly. Chances are that it may have gone bad, or will do so very soon.
  • Olive oil in packaging that doesn’t mention the production area and specific company.
  • Olive oil in packaging that doesn’t mention the dates of production and predicted expiration.
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