Arosis Greek small lentils from Kastoria

Arosis Greek small lentils from Kastoria

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Conventional Farming: Certified cultivations under the Integrated Management Crop system (click here for more information)

Cultivation area: Kastoria Mountains, Kastoria Prefecture, Northwest Greece

Cultivation: The Kastoria region has a long tradition in cultivating lentils; so long that it dates back thousands of years, since archeologists found lentils at the excavation of the prehistoric settlement Lemneon next to Kastoria lake. Our fields are mostly located in hilly and mountainous areas, away from the lake, at altitudes between 620m and 1200m, with no humidity. The climate offers mild winters with low temperatures, mild to moderate rains in the spring and gradually dry summers with increasing temperatures and intense sunlight. The land consists of limestone, with excellent pH values from 6.5 to 7.

Characteristics: The Small Lentils from Kastorias is a  purely Greek variety called Samos, that has adapted perfectly to the climate and soil conditions of the mountain slopes. Our lentils have small size and light green colour.

Tasting notes: Their full taste and rich “Mediterranean” aroma reflect the purity of the environment they grow. They are soft and easy to prepare. It is delicious for salads and ideal for soups due to its creamy texture.

Package: 400g

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