Alpha Estate is named Winery of the Year by Wines & Spirits Magazine!

Aggelos Iatridis, who studied in Bordeaux makes great wines. In his Alpha estate in  Amyndeon, one of the coolest places in Greece to grow wines and  a renowned Xinomavro region,  he has been making his own wines since 2003.  Finally, his incredible work is recognized receiving the top distinction of being named "Winery of the Year" by Wines & Spirits Magazine!

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When Janis Robinson at her web site review gave 17 points to Alpha Estate White Sauvignon Blanc 2010, the highest review to any white Greek tank fermented wine of the same vintage, I knew that Alpha Estate would soon receive the recognition it deserved as one of the top Greek wineries.  

As noted by Joshua Greene, publisher and editor of the "Wine and Spirit" magazine, ‘’Alpha Estate’s range of exceptional wines makes it a great ambassador for Greece’’.

Each year in April, Wine & Spirits publishes its Annual Restaurant Poll, where a large number of restaurant wine specialists, from sommeliers to wine buyers evaluate wines with the best performance per label, variety and country of origin. The 2012 poll includes two Alpha Estate labels (from a total of eight Greek wines). Wine & Spirits tasting is a two step blind tasting process, with just a 20%-30% passing from the first to the second stage of tasting.


Try their Alpha Estate red, a "Syrah-Xinomavro-Merlot " blend  with a medium rare grilled skirt steak.
Their Rose made  from Xinomavro  with all Greek egg lemon sauces
Their Sauvignon Blanc with a sautéed sea bass with lemon or any citrus sauce.

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