Arosis Organic Greek giant beans

Organic GREEK GIANT BEANS (Gigantes - Elephantes) from Prespa, PGI

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Organic Farming

Cultivation area: Prespes lakes, Florina Prefecture, North-West Greece

Cultivation: Our organic giant beans are grown around the Mikri Prespa lake, a place of unique beauty and cultural tradition.  The cultivation takes place at an altitude of 860m, in the protected area of the Prespa National Park and in small family farms. The farmers still preserve the traditional farming methods. The soil is light, warm and fertile, rich in organic matter that drains well. The pH is close to the optimum for growing, that is pH = 5,8-6.

Characteristics : The Gigantes Elephantes Beans from Prespes is a Greek variety of high quality, thin-skinned and very easy to prepare (short boiling time), that has been cultivated in this area since the 16th century. This variety is distinguished by the large size of beans, their reniform shape and white colour.

Tasting notes: They are soft and smooth. Their taste is so rich and full that they are delicious even plain, without any kind of sauce.

Package: 400g

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