Wines Of Greece Win them All

12 Gold, 69 Silver and  56 Bronze medals go to award winning Greek Wines  appearing on the 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards! Way to go Greece!

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The prestigious Decanter list of the 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards is much anticipated by the whole world of wine lovers. There could not be a more higher award for Greek Wines than the Gold Decanter !

12 Gold, 69 Silver and  56 Bronze medals plus 6 Regional Trophies & 34 commendations, are indeed something that makes us all so proud since we know how much effort Greek winemakers made in order  to reach this point. These are all determined winemakers who make wines that are here for us to enjoy them. 

A special mention should be made to Savatiano, the wine variety of Attica area. It was until tonight a misunderstood grape,  even though in fact, it is  the most widely planted cultivar in Greece. All the vines you see coming down by plane to the Athens International airport, belong to this variety. 
The 2013 Savatiano of Mylonas winery, that got a gold prize today,  has such a good value for money price,  that it is almost a steal. It is sold for around 6 euros per bottle. 
Evangelos Gerovassiliou, who's been working with Greek  vines longer than anyone, is once again the man who actually scores highest , wining almost half of the gold awards. 

Discover these little hidden wine gems and see for yourself .Greek wines are  as Greek as the sea. 


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