Spicy Sole Fillets

This recipe can be used as a point of inspiration for other preparations; keep the basic procedure the same and change the actual ingredients. E.g. use chicken instead of fish, black sesame for the outside layer and a mixture of your liking.

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4 sole fillets (fresh or frozen)
3 tbsp flour
6 tbsp sesame seeds (or 3 tbsp almond flakes)
2 tsp hot mustard
2 tsp concentrated tomato puree
½ tsp estragon
cup milk
1 tabletbspspoon olive oil
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp chopped parsley


1. Rinse the fish filets and let drain. 

2. In a shallow plate mix the flour and the sesame seeds. 

3. In another plate add the mustard, the tomato sauce, the estragon, the salt and the pepper, and mix well. 

4. Pour the milk in a bowl. 

5. Dip the fillets in the milk, one at a time. 

6. Spread the mustard mixture on one side of a fillet and then dip to cover the side in the plate with the flour and the sesame seeds (or the almonds). 

7. Then do the same on the other side.  Let stand in the refrigerator for half an hour. 

8. Oil the baking tin and the fish fillets and grill for 15’, until golden brown.



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